• to the people from chino, hello
  • the orange tree blossomed last saturday
  • runs through him
  • green olives

  • she's it
  • mi(n)x
  • a girl worth fighting for.
  • salvation

  • Art Is Not What You See, But What You Make Others See; ♥
  • 내 심장소릴 들어봐
  • "The pickity witch, the pickity witch. Who's got a kiss for the pickity witch?"
  • A Compliment Is Something Like A Kiss Through A Veil; ♥

  • ☯ 3:44pm
  • ☯ you're in my world now, you can stay, but you belong to me.
  • ☯ party monster.
  • ☯ second, don't you tell me what you think i can be, i'm the one at the sail i'm the master of my sea.

  • love denim
  • i love denim
  • welcome to paradise <3
  • welcome to paradise 
  • marybloom
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  • got 2 get away
  • just stop your crying it's a sign of the times
  • wanna go to hell together
  • promise me

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  • Happy 10th Birthday Polyvore!
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  • polyvore
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  • i'm little but i'm coming for the crown.
  • hold me in this wild, wild world cause in your warmth i forget how cold it can be.
  • you're deadly like a gun, yeah you're deadly like the drugs i used to love.
  • you are under no obligation to write comfortable stories.
  • sartres
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  • You made me nice for a while, but my dark side's true
  • I'd like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade
  • I'm gonna be a better human if I can, and I've written things down so now I got a plan
  • And we all know how to fake it baby, and we all know what we've done; we must be killers, children of the wild ones
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